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Episode 37: The end of the adventures

Monday, February 7, 2005

Today was the first day in my completely mundanized life. I started work today at a normal corporation, working in a normal office, with normal people, doing normal work for normal hours and a normal wage. A runaway chapter in my life that began one sunny December day in Eugene in 2003 has come to a close. For the next few years, I’ll be having adventures of the much more practical type: adventures in apartment hunting; adventures in crossing the street; adventures in losing ten pounds; adventures in keeping motivated.

No doubt I will eventually be involved in other things besides just work, but nothing on the grand scope that 2004 provided... at least not anytime soon. I’ve pledged to my family that I will stay in the Sacramento area until my father chooses to retire in three to six years. So here is where I’ll be. And that means starting another life again.

I have recovered from the upsets of 2004. The momentum we began in Iowa over a year ago hasn’t died. Change is making its slow but inexorable progress. I might not be involved with the wheels that are turning now, but I did help them get rolling, as did all those who supported me. We have the strength to endure the galling arrogance and divisiveness that the privileged classes have provided us, because we know, as one friend always reminded me, “this too shall pass.”

My last request to those seeking change in the uppermost echelons of society is to begin at home. Support local programs and candidates whose causes you can get behind. Consider public service yourself. Remember that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Give them the tools they’ll need to figure it all out. The organizations that 2004 built—,—will continue to be important forces for the disaffected. Watch, wait, and when the time comes, be ready. It might be your turn next.

To Harold, David, Anna, Josh, Jerry, Eric, Kristen, Collette, Vince, Cecelia, Sara, Al, Kim, Dan, Naz, Darby, Natalie, John, Stacey, Ben, Kyla, Karl-Thomas, Mike, Eric, Bill, Anthony, Nader, James, Janeane, Bertina, Gary, Lisa, Chris, Bob, Dan, Jen, Katie, Jennifer, Leslie, Pat, Iggy, Steve, Derick, Emma, Mary, Mandy, Tony, Leigh-Anne, John, Betty, Shauna, Steve, Becks, Tom, Mark, Missy, John, Jeremy, Chris, Portia, Rose, Sara, Lauren, Douglas, Ben, Cate, Toby, Aymie, Dottie, Chris, Steve, Molly, Liz, Michael, Jonathon, Lauren, Chris, James, Kate, Amelia, Paul, Erica, George, Bruce, John, Dave, Dusty, Bob, Scott, Anne, Joe, Mike, Emily, Dick, Mary Louise, Sharon, Joe, John, Sean, Eddie, Greg, Torvic, Susan, Kerry, Sara, Nick, Winthrop, Dan, Francyne, Eric, Amber, Katie, Julia, Bob, Fred, Dana, Justin, Tim, Ben, Matt, David, and Declan: you made my life memorable. I will never forget you.

For those who joined my adventures via the mailing list, this is the last mailing you will receive from the list. Consider yourself unsubscribed.

For those interested, my new job is to write copy for two accessory catalogs: and I’ll be coming up with the text that goes next to the pretty pictures of the plastic things that will be printed in six million mail-order catalogs each year. It pays well enough, it’s here in Rancho, and it’s not at all demanding, other than the hours. All in all, I think I rather lucked out. Again.

Well, take it easy. So long for now.

Steve Ransom


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