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The Adventures of Steve

Episode 22: Drive

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

I woke up early this morning, determined to get something done. Over the past month, I've been feeling this growing drive to get moving again, to get passionate about something again.

It's been one month since I started my job; and while I am entirely satisfied with how I'm handling living alone in the sticks, the slow arrival of spring is stirring my passions up pretty good. I've really settled in to my corner of Columbus; I know it's only been a little over a month, but it does seem like a whole lifetime now.

My focus for the past month has been me. The full-time job helps in some ways: I get up before 7:00 a.m. every day and I pay attention to my appearance. I'm determined to get back into shape and so I'm out running every evening and I've eliminated my food temptations. Most importantly, I stay on top of feelings of loneliness and just keep enjoying my simple life.

I went to the movies on Saturday night, a seven-mile walk, and really had a great time. I'm amazed at the power of cinema. The film I saw awakened thick emotions regarding love and family. It's been haunting me in the best possible way: I have drive again.

My research into my next future began last night with the arrival of my cable modem (and I'm never going back!). The high-speed Internet connection will help me speed things up a little. In this town, getting around without a car is feasible, just slow. Working full-time, however, almost paralyzes me unless I plan things out carefully. For example, I need to get my Ohio driving license, which means that I have to show up at one particular office ten miles away between the hours of 8 and 10 a.m. on Saturday. That's the only window I have. But I'm getting pretty good at working with it.

One option I'm looking very hard at is connecting with the group called 21st Century Democrats ( who are looking for field operatives for the various congressional races they support. The work is exactly the type of thing I should be doing: leading grassroots movements in races that matter.

While I'll probably try for it, there are a few drawbacks: I'd have to get a car, I might have to leave Ohio, and I probably wouldn't be working against Bush directly. Which means I'd have to change my plan, and I'd have to let myself off the hook for "doing everything I can" for Bush's re-defeat.

But at present, I have no network, no organization. While I am even more certain that I'm precisely at the right spot for the presidential campaign, I need to be effective, period. So I have some more choices to make.

I just sent out some inquiries to both the 21st Century Democrats and the Kerry campaign here in Ohio. I am going to research as many options as I can in the next few days and start getting some fresh resumes together. I can use letters of recommendation, both personal and professional. If you can help me out with this, please use my reference letter form at and type one up. (And if you have helped already, thank you!)

As I watch the eastern sky slowly light up, I can feel whatever it is getting a little closer. There's a quiet growing fire inside me. My destiny is almost upon me.


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