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The Adventures of Steve

Episode 14: Adventures in Indecision

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Well, it’s been a week now since I returned from Iowa and I am still suffering from “Storm Syndrome,” a widely-reported malady in which the former “Perfect Stormer” is entirely bummed.

I have, in general, done nothing since my return to Rancho Cordova. My parents have been more than patient with my lack of seeking a life. I have thought of lots of things to do, but I have no plans yet to do any of them.

  • PLAN A. This was the original plan. I would, via Internet and Dean contacts in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida, find a job or at least a couple of interviews, put all my belongings into a van, find an apartment, and then volunteer in my spare time on the Dean campaign.

    Strengths: This option, while expensive in the short run, would actually generate money. It would also position me for the larger post-convention fight against Bush this summer.

    Faults: Was dependent on Dean doing better, or much worse. Dean might still have more delegates than Kerry and he’s still talking tough, but his situation is extremely precarious. Help now is essential.

  • PLAN B. Go to Arizona. The Arizona Primary is this Tuesday. I would go to Arizona (probably today) and help canvas in Phoenix or some other city.

    Strengths: Arizona could be a crucial win for Dean. And I know something about endless suburbs.

    Faults: No ride, no cheap airfare, nowhere to stay, no word back from the campaign volunteer coordinator.

  • PLAN C. Go to Washington. Washington’s caucus is Saturday, February 7, more than a week away. I take the train to Vancouver or Olympia or Seattle, probably Monday, stay with someone I know and hook up with canvassers out there.

    Strengths: It’s cheap to get to Washington, I do know some people there, the campaign was enthusiastic about my help, also a crucial win, and Alix Doonesbury has been laying down grassroots organization for over a year now.

    Faults: It’s five days after the “mini-Tuesday” primaries, I won’t have a weekend to canvass with, still costs money.

  • PLAN D. Who cares about going anywhere, the fight is right here! California has more delegates than any state. And Rancho Cordova is just ripe for canvassing.

    Strengths: No travel costs, have a place to stay, I know the town, and how many other people are possibly working R.C.?

    Faults: “Howard Dean? Haven’t heard of him. Has he been in any films?” California is apathetic. There might not be a campaign on March 2.

So I can’t decide. All the options sound good and my crystal ball is still stuck on “Kerry’s irrelevant.” I can’t figure out if I need to be moving NOW or if I have nothing to worry about or the campaign’s doomed anyway. The one thing I do know, I’m not doing anyone any good right now, except for Stuffy, who gets a lot more kitty play time than she used to.

This is where you get to pitch in. Please write to and let me know what you think I should do. Go long term, get stable, work for the big goal? Or do what I can for my candidate NOW? Lemme know.

Oh, and by the way, there are lots of photos from Iowa available from the main page (


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