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Episode 24: Seven nights in Cin city

Monday, May 3, 2004

Phew! What a week. What a day! Wow. I returned last night from Cincinnati, where I spent a week with the Business Professionals of America and their annual National Leadership Conference.

The conference was a full week of intense work. During the week, I was usually driving, hauling, helping, running, or selling. I did get to see a bit of Cincinnati, and one night I went for a walk and wound up in Kentucky, making the number of states I've stood in the past year a round ten. I liked the downtown area of Cincinnati, although I still think Portland has the best American downtown.

This morning I called the 21st Century Democrats as I hadn't heard from them at all. They scheduled me for an interview (phone) tomorrow at 11 a.m., so I think it was a good thing I called. The office was quiet as most everyone was taking the day off. My boss was having such a rotten day that I kept waiting for a good opportunity to hand him the envelope that was burning in my pocket, but that opportunity never came.

So just after 5 p.m., I plunked down in his office and handed it over. It was a pretty tough moment for me, tears and everything. I hate quitting, even when it is essential. But it was a great moment in my life. I felt the traffic signal of destiny going from red to green again. Even though it was clear John was highly disappointed, he didn't react in anger at all and we even talked about consulting after I leave.

After I left the office, I felt amazing. I still felt awful, but I also felt like laughing. "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen," was the phrase running through my mind. I had planned this day two months ago and it went exactly as I wanted. In awe of life, I stood in the parking lot of Meijer, in the sun, huge fluffy white clouds cruising by overhead, my eyes closed, feeling, in a way, that I was standing on top of the world.

It's the moments that we dread so much that really shape our lives. How odd! It's amazing that we have such fear of taking control of our lives.

Right, enough philosophizing. Time to get to work.

This Saturday, is sponsoring voter registration efforts in key states, including Oregon and Ohio. If you would like more information, please see

If you haven't, please sign up on the John Kerry Web site for campaign news and volunteer requests. It's essential that the folks on the left get behind the Democratic candidate so that we can win this one.

Meanwhile, the folks from Dean for America have rebuilt themselves into Democracy for America and this group is just as determined to "make a difference in this land." See the new Web site at and get involved!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support! Here's hoping I interview well tomorrow.


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