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The Adventures of Steve

Episode 19: HIRED!

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Yesterday, Iggy Garcia lost his congressional race, Edwards dropped out of the presidential race, and I started, just started, to despair. I had run out of resumes after roaming all around town. No calls, no e-mails, nothing. All the waiting was taking its toll.

My painting teacher in college once showed us a trick: suppose you’re painting a window. Put in the yellow window frame and the blue sky behind. Then outline the sky with a thin line of white, and then reinforce the sill border with a thin line of black. The result: dramatic contrast.

This pattern seems to repeat itself in my life. Before good news, I get bad news. It adds zest to my life, that’s for sure.

So this morning, I switched gears. I went to Kinko’s and order a new stack of resumes. I then settled in at the wireless coffee shop and started writing cover letters for all sorts of design, marketing, communications and Internet companies. At 4:00, the call came.

I will be starting tomorrow at the Business Professionals of America. I’m employed full time and I have a healthy salary. So now the next phase of this adventure begins with finding an apartment.

I also attended a remarkably well-attended Dean for America meeting tonight. The people there were still jazzed and eager to do what it takes to change the country. They gave me a great welcome and I look forward to more activism with them.

Pay attention on March 18, when Howard Dean will unveil his new campaign, tentatively called DFA 2.0. There’s still much work that can be done and many ways you can help.

I’d write more but I have to get to bed. Full-time employment… hasn’t happened since 1996.


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