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The Adventures of Steve

Episode 15: Destination Ohio!

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Avid readers may remember the cliffhanger in the last episode, in which it was left in doubt as to whether the author would spend the rest of his days following Howard Dean around like a crazed Jim Jones fanatic -- or whether he would languid into sloth, repeatedly attempting to get Stuffy to follow a small pink mouse on a string.

Well, this adventurer has settled on the only state in the Union that doesn’t have a rectangular flag: that’s right, Ohio!

All along the plan was for one of three states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. While I knew that Governor Dean needed volunteer help in many states before those, I chose only one because of limited funds. After that, I decided last year, I would move to one of those battleground states, put roots down, get a job, and then volunteer for the Democratic Nominee. Who, to my momentary despair, will not be Governor Dean.

Up until a few minutes ago, I was still considering Dean’s campaign alive. But a quick look at Dean’s polling numbers and I can see: it’s not going to happen. Kerry would have to commit a felony -- and be videotaped doing it -- to lose his lead now.

So now I need to transform myself into a Kerry supporter. Obviously a lot of us already have, so there must be some kind of serum kicking around that must go down hard but do the trick. If anyone knows where I can get some of this stuff, let me know.

I think the news execs must be laughing themselves high. Previously, the best news clip that tanked a presidential campaign was, no pun intended, Dukakis’ tank moment in 1988. That clip was something like 15 seconds long. Dean’s “Yeaaaggh!” cut that by thirteen full seconds. So much promise, so many people, so much money, all blown in two seconds. Sheesh.

Anyway, back to the story. So my plan all along was to get out of Oregon and California and go to where the Democrats and the Republicans push and shove a little more. Thanks to a wonderful band of Ohioians (Ohioians?) I met in Fort Dodge, I’ve settled on the fair city of Columbus Ohio (currently 37° F).

This week I have begun the job search process. I have re-built my resume, added a Web site portfolio to my Web site, and just tonight I completed a place where friends and former employers can post very kind letters of recommendation to said Web site.

And so now I begin something I’ve never tried before: getting a job over the Internet. Already I’ve sent out two resumes and some of my contacts have given me a great list of sites to check and places to call. But now that I’ve got an on-line portfolio that can back me up a little bit, the search goes into high gear. There’s lots of classified ads, job boards, industry postings to comb through daily. I’m ready for it. Stuffy can wait.

Check out my resume section! I’ve got my new resume, links to all of the sites I’ve built (or ghosts thereof) and all the reference letters I’ve got on file (one at present). There’s a form where you, my valuable friend, can post your own letter of recommendation. And for those a little challenged by having to write an entire letter, a quick “mad-libs” style form where you just put in some cool power words (like “exceptional” and “highly”) and presto! Instant reference letter.

Hey, and thanks to everyone who took my request for advice seriously and shared their opinions! That was a great help, I appreciate it.


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