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Episode 34: 27

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

It’s a chilly clear sunny dry autumn day here in Corinna, Maine. The summer has lingered for several weeks and I’ve had plenty of opportunity to witness its slow passing. Since June 14, I’ve seen more of Maine than I ever saw of Oregon in fourteen years. Amazing what having a car and a traveling field job can do for sightseeing.

I have had little time for intentional sightseeing in the past month. I’m on the job from early morning to midnight every day. In the political game there is one measure that matters and that is how many hours and minutes left until election day. Money, endorsements, volunteers, those are all subjective. We can’t get more time, no matter what. At this point, election day will be upon me in less than 27 days.

I’ve been doing what I can to assist thirty candidates to get into the Maine Statehouse. Mostly it’s a driving job, as they are spread over the largest congressional district east of the Mississippi. But my publishing, computer, and (yes) theater skills are often employed for the fight.

Meanwhile, my compatriots in the Bangor Democratic office are working hard to secure votes for John Kerry. There’s gobs of volunteers there every night, mostly making phone calls to what remaining undecided voters are still out there. Maine only has one electoral vote that’s up for grabs, but the grabbing is clearly fierce.

I’m doing what I can through Bush Bites. Every night before I finally let myself hit the sack, I write up one more and post it. (Thanks to Star and Rees for contributing.) You’ll find Bush Bites at Actually, you’ll find Bush Bites in your e-mail box daily. I figured since you’re interested enough in what I have to say about myself, you probably will appreciate what I have to say about someone important like the President. If I’m wrong, it’s darn easy to unsubscribe and you won’t be bothered by my political propaganda again.

Please spread them around! Bush Bites might be small, but they aren’t concerned with swift boats or Dan Rather. They’re concerned with what has happened in the last four years. Somehow I think that makes Bush Bites pretty useful.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET REGISTERED TO VOTE, PLEASE DROP EVERYTHING AND DO SO AT ONCE. Deadlines are fast upon us and you may have to move rapidly. Remember that you need to re-register every time you move or change your name. (Of course my international and 17-below friends are exempt from registering to vote! Thanks for your interest nonetheless!)

Well, my free time is up. Gotta hit the road and go see a candidate. Please do what you can. See you in 27 days!

P.S. Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" is now available on video. If you haven't seen it yet, please do so.


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