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All the Bush Bites you'll ever need
Eye on the ball
Support the troops: boot their boss
Batting for the haves
Last Refuge
Asleep at the wheel
Compared to the government, you're rich
Your latest paycut
Praise him for returning some of what he stole
Just two of the Iraq war lies
Scalia the Kingmaker
The latest democracies?
Preserving the Constitution: Bush style
Putting some energy into the White House
Hijacking the courts
The point of taxation
Be a patriot or else
Evolution: a new-fangled and crazy idea
Sticking up for vets... or sticking it to them...
Cost of the war in Iraq
Cleaning the skies for polluters
The check's in the mail
The broken promise of No Child Left Behind
The Bush recession
Intelligence failures, right.
Homeland Insecurity
The REAL Y2K catastrophe
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Welcome to Bush Bites

There are still people out there who think voting for George W. Bush is a good idea. You know who they are. Arm yourself with the facts to prove it's been a tough four years.

Bush Bites presents fifty tasty samples... actual, verifiable facts... that aim to illuminate George W. Bush's disturbing track record. Presented one-a-day until the November 2 election, Bush Bites are easily-digested but serious retellings of Bush Administration actions.

Included with each Bite is an action idea: something you can do about it. While not every action suggestion will be your cup of tea, the point is to remember that you are not powerless.

You can subscribe yourself to the Bush Bites mailing list by entering your e-mail address in the box above. Your address will not be used for anything else and the list will be deleted after Election Day.

Credit is due to Jack Huberman's The Bush-Hater's Handbook which effectively catalogs many of the many Bush outrages.

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