From 2005 to 2009, I was the copywriter for the X-treme Geek retail catalog while it was owned by E-filliate, Inc. While a whole lot of my copy never saw print (editors: do we love 'em or what?), I managed to preserve some of my favorites, completely unadulterated, for display here. Most of these items are no longer for sale, so some of the pictuers will not be available. I apologize for any mysterious confusion.

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Heading Copy:
Wondering What to Do with Nearly Dead AA Batteries?

Alt Heading 1:
Nearly Dead AA Batteries Taste Fine to the Battery Eater

Alt Heading 2:
Battery Eater Gets Every Last Erg Out of AA Batteries

This mostly harmless Battery Eater inhabits ferrous surfaces and survives entirely on a diet of nearly spent AA batteries. If you have a battery that won't run a camera or a flashlight anymore, feed it to the Battery Eater and its eyes will flash red for a great long time.

ADDITIONAL ITEMS NEEDED? i.e. batteries, adapters, cables, etc
AA battery desired, not included.



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