From 2005 to 2009, I was the copywriter for the X-treme Geek retail catalog while it was owned by E-filliate, Inc. While a whole lot of my copy never saw print (editors: do we love 'em or what?), I managed to preserve some of my favorites, completely unadulterated, for display here. Most of these items are no longer for sale, so some of the pictuers will not be available. I apologize for any mysterious confusion.

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Choose from one of 10 adhesive skins to personalize your Cableyoyo POP

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Works with cell phones too

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iPod not included

1/4"L x 1 1/2"W x 2 1/8"H



Heading Copy:
Keep iPod[R] Cords Organized with Suction-Cup Holder

Alt Heading 1:
Customizable Cord Organizer Keeps iPod[R] Earphones Tangle-Free

Alt Heading 2:
Snap Unruly Earphone Cords into Shape with Simple Cableyoyo POP

When you haul the iPod out of your bag, do its cords drag stubbornly behind like stringy entrails? Pop the simple suction cup-enabled Cableyoyo POP onto the back of your iPod for instant cord management! It hardly adds any width to your player at all and keeps ear buds from flopping all over the place.

Includes belt clip plate and adhesive attachment plate.



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