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1 August, 2007

I just wanted to quickly say, whoever you have writing descriptions for your product is a hysterical genius! The writer's description is what swayed my purchasing decision!

Josh H., X-treme Geek customer

2 December, 2006

Hi! Just had to take some of my very precious time to say how very cleverly your catalog is written. We put out wholesale catalogs for our customers, so I know how difficult it can be to get everything just right in as few words as possible. My compliments to the person(s) who did a terrific job. You have the only catalog with personality!

Helen P., X-treme Geek Customer

13 January, 2005

Steve Ransom worked for me as an office manager, code ranger, editor, innovator and trouble-shooter over a seven-year period. He was in every instance an innovative and original thinker. He is my favorite employee of all time. Steve Ransom: equal parts wit and passion, cynicism and drive, curiosity and contentment. In business we often have to choose between efficiency and effectiveness, but that's only because there are more businesses than there are Steve Ransoms. Way more. I could go on, of course, but for what purpose?

You've probably budgeted three minutes to read and consider this recommendation of Steve Ransom, but I¹ve taken only one minute of your time. I ask that you spend the next minute thinking about how rare originality is in all things, and how someone of Steve's caliber could make your life better. Then spend the remaining minute doing whatever makes you happy. Nobody will be the wiser and everybody wins.

To fill the rest of the page (and to earn you those extra two minutes), I have included the inspirational words of Abraham Lincoln, backwards. Ignore them. Dream. Smile. Hire Steve.

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Don Kahle

3 December, 2004

Thanks for all your help this fall. You did a great job, and we largely owe our majority to your energy. You certainly did your part. See you in two years?

Matthew Dunlap
Maine Secretary of State

28 January, 1996

It is a pleasure to recommend Steve Ransom to potential employers. Steve was a student of mine for three years. He took two of my classes, but more importantly, we worked together on numerous University Theatre productions. Steve started out in my basic construction class and then went on to crew several shows, design lights, be an assistant director and serve as technical director for the student production organization.

Steve first caught my attention because he was very dependable and showed an interest in doing more than the expected job. He quickly moved on to positions of responsibility. His main emphasis was lighting design in which he did (and still would do) quite well. His design for THE ILLUSION was a major factor in the creation of the mystery and magic of that show. Steve worked long and hard on bringing off a complicated design. His work won him praises in the local newspapers and a first place award in a regional lighting design competition.

Steve served as assistant director for CHIMERA, an original work that included theatre, dance, and music. Steve worked very hard to help keep the original collaborators together and focused on the production. His talent and common sense was instrumental in creating the finished production.

Steve served for a year as the technical director for a student group, which produced 15-25 productions per year in a small, limited theatre. He had to advise on all production aspects and insure that the plays were produced safely. Usually, the directors had very little knowledge of scenery and lighting. Yet, Steve dealt with the productions in a professional and practical manner. It was one of the few years that I, as faculty technical director, did not have to worry about what was going on with the student shows.

I heartily recommend Steve Ransom. As well as the talents mentioned above, he is a very easy person with whom to work. I wish there were more people to work with like Steve. Added to everything else, he is quite fluent with computers, as I'm sure his resume shows. I'd be glad to answer and questions concerning Steve's qualifications.

Janet Rose
(541) 346-4171

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