What nice people.

The following people have all agreed to take your questions regarding me.

Don Kahle: I didn't actually ask my former employer Don if I could put him on this list. If you read his recommendation letter, however, you'll see why I took the license. Write to him at .

Jesse Lowe: We collaborated on several theater projects in college, were roommates for a year, and have been friends for the last 29 years. Write to him at .

Aymie Walshe: When I was traveling in 2004, I was blessed to find kind people like Aymie to gift me with shelter. I also worked indirectly with Aymie at the Maine Democratic Party, of which she was the Executive Director. Write to her at .

Matt Verdolivo: Matt is one of the few amongst my current co-workers who shares my larger vision, and for that I call him my drinking buddy. Even though I really don't drink. He collaborated with me on the Treasure & Dixie comic book in 2009. Write to him at .

Do you know me? Want me to add you to this list? Send me an e-mail at me@steveransom.com.

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