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Find my bike, get karma!

My Bike Friday Air Glide disappeared last year. If you're an intrepid detective, you'll find it. Here's the clues you'll need:

Stolen around September 26, 2003 from the cages behind the Atrium building, 10th Ave. and Olive Street. It's a Bike Friday AirGlide in "Black Cherry," a dark maroon color. It's stamped with both a frame number and my driver's license number.

This photo is not my bike, but I have color-corrected it to make it look closer to mine. The stem and handlebars on mine were different. Click to enlarge the image.

Send me e-mail at if you've found it. If you're in Eugene/Springfield, take it to Bike Friday at 3364 W 11th or call them at 800-777-0258.

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