celebrating my 39th birthday the best way i can think of

saturday april 3

french toast-involving brunch gets underway around 10 a.m.

9101 newhall dr apt 4

google maps link here
give me a ring at (916) 548‑6134 if you need me to open the gate.

arkham horror

we'll be playing the "shadow over innsmouth" expansion for arkham horror. up to 8 players can play; sign up for a game spot here.

shadow mouth huh

yeah, it's based on a serial story h.p. lovecraft wrote in 1936. you can read the complete story here.

thirty er whut

fine. i'm old. you're not. i get it. i'm referring to a late-eighties tv drama about moody yuppies who moped around looking for their lost youth. i can relate now.

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